Gear Up: Yakima HoldUp Bike Rack

Yakima has been making vehicle-mounted racks and storage boxes to carry outdoor gear for almost 40 years. Whether it’s bikes, skis, snowboards, climbing equipment or camping gear, Yakima makes a product that lets you easily transport it on the outside of your vehicle.

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What sets it apart?

The HoldUp tray-style bike rack is packed with features at a good price. Designed to hold two bikes, it mounts to either a 1 1/4- or 2-inch hitch receiver. The bikes rest on a platform instead of hanging from a pedestal, which makes this rack much more practical for trucks or SUVs with tailgates that swing out or down. The platform can also angle down to provide easier access to the rear of the vehicle. Swing arms securely lock the bikes in place, and integrated cable locks keep your bikes from rolling away on their own. There’s even an integrated bottle opener on the back for a cold beverage after a long day of riding!

How do I use it? 

After some assembly out of the box, install is easy. Just slide the rack into the hitch receiver on your vehicle and secure it with the threaded, lockable hitch pin.  Drop one bike into place using the tire cradles for placement, swing the adjustable arms over the front tire and press down to secure the bike in place. Pull the cable lock out of the front tire arm and thread through the frame or fork to lock. Repeat the process with the second bike and off you go!

How Much?


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Adventurtunity Family insight:

We wanted to bring our mountain bikes with us on our journey across the USA but needed a bike rack that wouldn’t interfere with our Jeep Wrangler’s large spare tire. The Yakima HoldUp bike rack is the perfect fit and is easy to use! It’s a snap to get the bikes on and off the rack, and with the integrated locking systems, we feel confident in leaving the bikes unattended. We will also move the rack to the back of our RV when we settle in a spot for a while, so we don’t have to take them everywhere we go. Moving the rack between the two vehicles is really easy, so throwing them back on the Jeep to go hit the trails or for travel days is a breeze!

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