Gear Up: The North Face Sprout

The North Face Sprout is a daypack sized for young kids on the trail.

What sets it apart?
The Sprout backpack is small and super light with just enough storage for my kids to keep up with some gear and collect little sticks, rocks, pinecones and mollusk shells along our hikes. The material is sturdy, and my 4-year-old has definitely put that to the test. My kids love taking their Sprout along and frequently ask for it when we are going anywhere outdoors. A child’s approval is always a win. 

How do I use it?
It’s definitely a daypack. It’s just the right size to fit a child’s water bottle, a flashlight, whistle and a few other items your child might want along a hike. It’s light enough, my kids will wear it the entire time and I don’t end up carrying it. The design could work as an overnight bag, depending on what all your kiddo wants to put in it, but I don’t recommend it for that use. 

How much?

Jessalyn’s insight:
My kids come and ask me for their “gear” and love to keep this bag with them during our camping and hiking adventures. My oldest has a map, binoculars, a magnifying glass, a compass, a drawn out zombie apocalypse plan and a camera in his. My youngest has sticks, a pencil, a notebook, some shells, one of the Avengers, and binoculars in his. I love how the Sprout is just right for them and they don’t realize they are learning responsibility while keeping up with it on the trail. 

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