Gear Up: Rod Pro-Tech Rod Socks

What is it?

If you’ve been waiting and/or looking for a premium, heavy-duty rod sock to protect those precious rods and reels, Rod Pro-Tech’s new neoprene lineup looks to be the answer. Like most tournament bass fishermen, both boaters and co-anglers, we usually carry a LOT of rods and reels, not only in the boat, but also in the truck, car, camper, etc. Many tournament fishermen use rod socks and store the bulk of their rods in the boat in an open compartment without rod tubes in an effort to maximize space and carry as many rods as possible. This works to a degree, but the average rod sock only protects the rod above the reel. The reel is unprotected and exposed to scratches and dings. Lures are unprotected and often tangle up with other rods or lures, or hooks end up buried in the rod sock itself. The typical rod sock only protects the fishing line for the length of the rod sock and leaves the rest of it exposed for potential line damage. In a nutshell, there are limitations to traditional rod socks.

What sets it apart?

C-Pro series rod socks and ILW rod socks, Integrated Lure Wrap, by Rod Pro-Tech made their debut this past January. The socks offer complete protection for your baitcasting or spinning combo and are made out of 2- to 3-mm scuba neoprene or techno neoprene. This material is soft to the touch but tough as nails without being heavy. Another benefit of this type of neoprene is that it offers an incredible amount of stretch in all directions. The socks also have a unique, puncture-resistant inner hookguard and heavy-duty vinyl material that is sewn just above the reel and is approximately 10 inches long and forms a cylindrical shape. This guarantees your rod and reel get maximum protection. This also eliminates the need for lure covers and reel covers, as well as eliminates problems such as eyes protruding through the rod sock, tangled rods, hooks buried in the carpet of boats and vehicles, damaged guides, nicked line and dinged up and scratched reels.

How do I use it?

Rod Pro-Tech’s Standard Rod Socks are made out of 2-mm scuba-like fabric. The material is soft and has great elasticity. Standard rod socks for baitcasting or spinning combos are made with hidden stitching that gives them a unique and more appealing look. The standard rod sock comes in three different sizes and four different colors. Prices range from $9.99 to $11.99.

Rod Pro-Tech’s C-Pro Rod Socks (Complete Protection) offer complete baitcasting combo protection and are available in right-hand and left-hand models. These are just the socks that I was looking for — a heavy-duty rod sock that would protect the entire investment, rod and reel, from tip to butt. The C-Pro rod socks do just that plus will keep any lure, from crankbait to swimbait to jerkbait to Texas rig, from tangling with everything else in the boat. These socks come in five sizes and four colors and can be customized and personalized. The price is $29.99, with an added cost for customization and personalized orders.

Rod Pro-Tech’s Spinning Combo C-Pro Series Rod Socksoffer the same complete protection as the C-Pro baitcasting models. They also come in five sizes and four colors and can be customized and personalized. Prices start at $29.99, with an added cost for customization and personalization.

Rod Pro-Tech’s Socks with Integrated Lure Wrap (ILW) have all of the features of the C-Pro series except the reel cover. They are made from 2-mm scuba material with a great amount of stretch and have a built-in, puncture-resistant lure wrap. The ILW socks are available in five sizes and four colors. Another great feature is that if you’re looking for the perfect fit for a special rod, you can have it custom made to your exact specifications. The socks can also be personalized with the rod’s length and action, your name, nickname, school’s name or just about anything you would like, up to 15 characters. Prices range from $19.99 to $22.99, with an added cost for customization and personalized orders.

How much?

$9.99 – $29.99

Kennedy’s insight

I’ve been giving these rod socks the test for over a month now and I’ve been very impressed not only with the toughness, but also the ease of use. They are also a blessing for co-anglers who often spend a fair amount of time untangling rods after a long and sometimes rough ride. I have a feeling they are going to last a long time and may even save money by not having to replace standard rod socks. They are worth the price for many different reasons, and I have every intention of purchasing more.

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