Gear Up: 4Patriots Patriot Power Cell

In a world revolving around technology and communication, it’s certainly nice to take a break and head into the backcountry. Whether you’re off-grid for days on end or spending hours on the water, Mother Nature can certainly lend a hand in getting you to remote locations. But she can also surprise you with unexpected situations where you may need to use your electronics. 4Patriots’ main purpose is to provide products that help you prepare for, stay safe in and ultimately survive those unforeseen circumstances. 

What sets it apart?

4Patriots creates products that perform on a daily basis with enhanced capabilities should they be needed in an emergency situation. The Patriot Power Cell, for example, is composed of lithium-polymer batteries that can charge two devices at a time or a single smartphone up to six times. It also has FREE recharging capabilities with a built-in solar panel and can easily recharge itself from the sun. Additionally, it has a flashlight on the back with several modes, including SOS and strobe signaling options.

How do I use it? 

Simply carry your Patriot Power Cell in your backpack, fanny pack, gear bag, purse or car and use it when needed. It can charge phones, camera gear, laptops, tablets and more. If the Patriot Power Cell battery gets low, pop it in the sun to recharge or plug it in with the supplied USB cable.

How much?


Adventurtunity Family insight:

We figured out early on that hiking, biking and exploring in “no-service” areas really drained our phone batteries quickly. And while we don’t usually need the cell service, we do use our phones to document our adventures. We found putting our phones on airplane mode helped to slow the battery drain but ultimately decided it was essential to carry external battery packs with us. The 4Patriots Power Cell is by far our favorite because we don’t have to worry about it not having a charge as well. All we need is the sun and the Power Cell can recharge itself and our equipment. We love to clip it to our backpacks and let it charge while we hike!

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