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Gear Review: Huk Rogue Wave Boots


Huk Rogue Wave Boots


If an angler has fished for long enough, it’s inevitable. An angler is out on the water in tennis shoes or non-waterproof shoes, and the rain decided to show up out of nowhere, leaving wet shoes, socks and feet. There’s almost nothing that will ruin a day faster. Huk’s new Rogue Wave Boots are the solution so this will never happen again. Designed with a durable upper rubber section, combined with neoprene, the Rouge Wave Boots will keep any angler’s feet dry in the ugliest conditions possible.  


While the Rogue Wave Boots are designed to be worn in foul weather conditions, an 8 mm molded foot sole makes the boots extremely comfortable. Even if the Rogue Wave Boots aren’t the choice for everyday wear, keeping them at the ready, much like a rainsuit, is a good plan. Usually, the rain and nasty weather doesn’t wait around, which makes it important to be ready at an instant. The boots come equipped with heavy-duty pull tabs on the front and back of the tongue, making it easy to slip them on and off in a hurry. Even under the wettest conditions, anglers will have traction because of the GripX Wet Traction Non-Marking Outsole.


$90.00 – $100.00



As an angler, I’ve always struggled with footwear in those in between times of the year. There may be rain in the forecast, but is it cold enough to be wearing insulated, waterproof boots? Or, maybe it’s not warm enough to just wear flip flops or go barefoot and deal with the rain. The Huk Rogue Wave Boots fill that void for me. I keep my pair in the boat or in my truck at all times in case rain is on the way. When I got the boots, I assumed that I would only wear them when it rained, but I find myself wearing them quite a bit purely because of how comfortable they are.

The boots are offered in sizes ranging from 7 to 14 in men’s and 5 to 11 in women’s sizes. There are four women’s colors to choose from and eight men’s, including two variations of Mossy Oak patterns.