Gear Review: Gamakatsu Tackle Storage Shoulder Bag


Gamakatsu Tackle Storage Shoulder Bag 


The Shoulder Bag’s main compartment houses two 3200 Gamakatsu G-Boxes for storing an assortment of hard baits, terminal tackle, skirted baits and other fitable gear. There’s a coiled cord for keeping scissors handy and secure. Multiple small straps are handy for tucking away additional tools like needlenose pliers and O-ring tools. And to top it all off, there are five zippered compartments, capable of holding an extra reel, a smartphone or multiple packs of soft plastics. Load this bag up, throw it over your shoulder and you’re ready to step off in the water or walk along the shore. 


Fishing small waters is a great way to catch lots of fish. These often less-pressured fisheries can be a little out of the way and hard to access by foot. Having a non-cumbersome and hands-free way to carry all the gear you might need while pond hopping or wading a creek is imperative. This is the perfect bag for fishing small waters, because it has more than ample and convenient storage for all the gear you might need during a quick trip. 




Gamakatsu Tackle Storage Shoulder Bag


I tested out the Gamakatsu Tackle Storage Should Bag while wading a creek with a buddy. It was a fairly hot day, so the size and position of the bag (down on my hip) no doubt kept me cooler than a backpack would have. It also kept all my gear within reach. I could simply pull the bag around to the front, grab whatever I needed and swing it back to the side, or all the way behind me. Removing a backpack to change baits or retrieve more gear would have been the less-desired alternative. 

I attached a pair of scissors to the coiled cord, which came in handy when swapping baits on the one rod I brought along. I chose to bring only one rod since I could store an extra reel in the front zippered compartment. This was much better than having to carry two rods. I also stored my buddy’s iPhone in the zippered compartment on the top flap of the bag. One thing to note is that the bag nor the boxes are waterproof. So if you go under, expect your gear to get wet. But this is no big deal, even for the phone as long as its waterproof. And if it’s not, put your phone or any other gear that you want to keep dry in a sandwich bag and you’re good to go. 

The comfortability of the padded backside and adjustable shoulder strap of this bag, along with its impressive storage capacity, make the Gamakatsu Tackle Storage Shoulder Bag a must-have for anglers who fish from shore on a regular basis. Even kayakers and co-anglers could use this bag to carry and keep at hand some of their more frequently used items. It’s an easy product to recommend to any angler on the go.