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Gear Review: Costa Del Mar Reefton PRO Sunglasses


Costa Del Mar Reefton PRO Sunglasses


Costa Del Mar’s newest addition to the PRO series of glasses is the Reefton PRO frames. Available in three frame colors and six different lens colors, the Reefton PRO frame is an extension of the original Reefton frames, but with a list of upgraded features. Considered to be an XL frame size and a wide fit, the Reefton PRO features fully-adjustable nose pads that allow anglers to make adjustments until the glasses are a perfect fit. The new PRO Series of the Reefton frame features sweat management channels as well as eyewire drains that allow the glasses to fog up far less than traditional sunglasses.


Costa’s Premium Polarized 580 Lenses provide 100% UV protection while filtering reflective glares out in the elements. These lenses also provide sharper contrasts, higher definition and brighter colors, allowing anglers to see into the water much easier. The glass 580 lenses also feature a C-Wall coating that add extra scratch resistance while repelling water or sweat. Each of the six lens colors serve a purpose – the Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses are ideal for lowlight situations as where the Blue Mirror lenses are designed for very bright conditions. Other lenses fill the gaps between those two conditions. Costa Del Mar’s website has a page that thoroughly explains all of the different lenses in depth, which makes it easy for consumers to pick the lens color that best fits their needs.


$257 – $277



As an angler, sunglasses are one of the most important tools that go with you no matter where you’re fishing, and Costa’s new PRO series of sunglasses are loaded with features that practical for avid anglers.

Being a bigger guy, I’ve always had trouble finding a large or extra-large frame that fits snug on my face without consistently fogging. This spring I’ve had the opportunity to test out the new Reefton PRO, and this is the first pair of sunglassest I’ve worn where I didn’t experience fogging.

My pair features Silver Sunrise Mirror lenses which have a higher light transmission, allowing better penetration through the water. These lenses are also great for early morning takeoffs or low light conditions.