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Gear Review: Buck n’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell


Buck n’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell


It never fails, every single Bassmaster Elite Series event that severe weather is a factor, each and every pro gets on stage to talk about how their raingear is the best. Based on the number of anglers switching to the Buck n’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell jacket and bibs, there may be some truth to that with this rainsuit. The Buck n’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell jacket as well as the Reservoir Rain Shell bibs are jam-packed with practical features that make the suit fit the needs of hardcore anglers. Built with a patented Iron Shell Dry material, the Reservoir Rain Shell is six times drier than all other materials on the market and stays undeniably dry … period. The patented Iron Shell Dry has a Water Column Rating (WCR) of 49,000 – higher than any other rainsuit on the market. Buck ‘n Bass believes in this material so much that they offer a lifetime warranty on the Reservoir Rain Suit, referred to as the Ironclad Dry Guarantee.


Historically, one of the weakest spots of a rain jacket has been the cuff system. Water tends to run down an angler’s hand all the way up the sleeve, making their arm wet right off the jump. The Reservoir Rain Shell jacket features a watertight, patented double Drylock Cuff system that keeps this from happening. Running down the lake wearing the hood of your rain jacket is another major issue, but the jacket features a patented Full Throttle Hood that fits snug against your head, even at speeds up to 75 miles per hour. The Reservoir Rain Shell bibs also come stacked with features that make things much easier on the angler. One of the first things I noticed when I put the bibs on was the comfortable shoulder straps and Fidlock V-Buckle. The straps give the flexibility to fish all day without wear on your shoulders and back, and the unique buckle is built to last for the long haul. Another practical feature is the pocket system incorporated into the bibs. Two large, hand-sized Field Pockets give the angler the ability to store soft plastics or any other on-the-water tool for easy access.


Jacket: $759 – Bibs: $619



From an angler’s standpoint, all of the technical features sound great, but putting a rainsuit through the harshest conditions is the true testament to how well a rainsuit performs. After having the opportunity to wear the Buck n’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell, I can confidently say that all of these features truly do make a massive difference. In my experience with rainsuits, sometimes the smallest features can make the biggest difference in the long run. Overall, the jacket and bibs both allow a full range of motion and don’t restrict normal fishing motions. This is largely due to the patented Casting Comfort System that is incorporated into the jacket as well as the extremely comfortable shoulder straps that give flexibility to make a full range of motion.

One of the most underrated things about a pair of rain bibs is how easy they are to put on in a hurry and throwing them off just as quickly. The YKK AquaGuard Leg Zippers make it easy to put the bibs on without having to take off shoes, which is a feature that quietly makes a big difference.

Having a rainsuit that gives an angler the peace of mind of knowing he or she can outlast the miserable weather goes a long way in bass fishing, and the Buck n’ Bass Reservoir Rain Shell does exactly that.

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