Gear Review: 6th Sense Bait Chamber


6th Sense Bait Chamber 


Using foam inserts with custom cutouts for various types of hard and skirted baits, 6th Sense created a lineup of 10 unique hard briefcase style tackleboxes to accommodate and maintain some of the most expensive (and challenging to store) bass fishing baits. Each box in the lineup is categorized for a specific bait type; 11 in all. 


Depending on your needs, you can wedge your best baits of several varieties tightly into the foam cutouts. There are models built specifically to store bladed jigs, jerkbaits, jigs, lipless crankbaits, shallow crankbaits, medium diving crankbaits, shallow/XL crankbaits, XL shallow crankbaits and topwaters. The boxes are designed to accommodate 6th Sense brand hard baits and jigs, while also being ideal for any brand that falls into the categories. The company also offers two Bait Chambers designed specifically for their larger swimbaits, The Trace 6-inch Swimbait and The Draw 9-inch Glide. 


$29.99 to $39.99 



I’m impressed. Initially I thought the boxes would be somewhat cumbersome and unable to hold enough baits to justify the amount of space each box would take up. What I found is these are fantastic boxes for storing the majority of my most prized lures. 

The hard bait boxes keep the lures from banging around and scratching one another, while also keeping the hooks from tangling. And the jig and bladed jig boxes do a good job of keeping those baits orderly and quickly accessible. Upon opening the boxes, what I like is being able to quickly take an inventory of the lures I have on hand, pick a bait out and get right back to fishing. 

I have sampled and fished with hundreds of baits in dozens of colors, and I have found that simplicity is key to a complete tackle organization system. Bait Chambers offer ample storage for a half dozen baits in each of my tried-and-true color combinations, plus the occasional odd ball or two of each bait that I like to keep handy. Rarely would I need to store more than 20 jerkbaits, 24 lipless crankbaits or 40 jigs, which are the capacities of just those three versions of the Bait Chamber.

The only thing I noticed that perhaps could have been done differently is the incorporation of a waterproof seal. But even this hasn’t really caused an issue and wouldn’t deter me from recommending this product to a fellow angler. 

These boxes do a good job at keeping baits dry. Bass fishing fanatics purchasing the Bait Chamber aren’t type that would leave a tacklebox out in a torrential downpour anyway. Though even in these extreme cases, despite not having a waterproof seal, you’d still have a hard time getting the baits in these boxes wet.