In uncertain times Bassmaster says Live Smart, Fish Smart

Bassmaster has launched a new initiative called Live Smart, Fish Smart, along with the social media hashtags, #livesmart #fishsmart, designed specifically for life in these unsettling times.  

What’s this all about?  

With states enforcing more and more restrictions daily, many in our great nation are holed up at home. There’s no doubt we’re worried about COVID-19. But those of us with a passion for the outdoors are searching for ways to stay connected to the things we love.

At Bassmaster we’re also seeing this as a unique time to return to our roots, focus on our families, and to do some things we may not have had time to do in the past, such as teaching basic fishing skills to our kids. You don’t necessarily have to be on a lake to do that. A living room, garage or backyard will work too. We’ll share videos and activities that will help you do just that. I’m looking forward to a video of Carl Jocumsen teaching the basics of bank fishing.  

We also want to stay connected to our broader families, the Elite anglers as well as the anglers in all our series. They are sending us videos showing what’s going on with their families, what they are doing during this time of social distancing. For Classic Champion Hank Cherry, it was giving blood at the Red Cross. For Chad Morganthaler it was dry-walling a closet. We’ll share these videos on and on our social media channels. 

Bassmaster fans, let us know what you’re doing during these historic times. Post a photo on your favorite social channel and use the hashtags, #livesmart #fishsmart #bassmaster. 

And if you are able to get out and fish, Dave Precht and a medical expert, tell you the smart, safe way to avoid the coronavirus while getting on the water. 

Our chairman Chase Anderson reminds us Bassmaster represents core American values, a love for the outdoors. Those values sometimes get lost in our tech savvy era. The essence of Bassmaster is the simple joys of fishing and being outside. 

We’re thankful to use this time to rediscover those simple pleasures—the love that comes from connecting with family near and far, the satisfaction of teaching a child how to spool a reel, and the wonder we experience in a beautiful sunset. Perhaps even getting out to fish in a smart, healthy way. That’s what #livesmart #fishsmart is all about. 

Stay safe!