Introducing the Treble Hook Challenge

Do you have a little unwanted time on your hands these days? Here’s a way to use some of that time and get better at an important tackle skill.

The Treble Hook Challenge is part of our Fish Smart program, which is made up of safe activities you can do during the national quarantine. This one is simple: just see how fast you can remove two old treble hooks and replace them with two new treble hooks.

Why would you ever want to change out a treble hook? Well, if you have a favorite lure that has gotten a lot of use, the hooks get dull over time. Replace them with new treble hooks and you’ll likely increase your catch rate.

Here’s how to participate in the Treble Hook Challenge:

  • Shoot a video that includes the following
  • Start the timer on your phone
  • Remove two old treble hooks
  • Put on two new treble hooks
  • Stop the timer and show, or tell, your time
  • Challenge two friends to take the Treble Hook Challenge
  • Post the video to Facebook or Instagram
  • In your post use the hashtags, #TrebleHookChallenge #FishSmart #Bassmaster
  • If you have the lowest time among the people you challenged, drop to the floor and rip off 10 pushups. Post a video of that too.

We’ll put up a weekly leaderboard, showing the top five times in the Treble Hook Challenge.

You can watch the videos below to see how quickly Elite anglers Brandon Lester and Carl Jocumsen completed their Treble Hook Challenge.

Have at it!