What's bugging Biffle?

Spend any time around Bassmaster Elite Series pro Tommy Biffle and you’ll get a big dose of no-nonsense. Therefore, if the legendary Oklahoma angler puts his name on something, you can bet it’s been painstakingly conceived and thoroughly tested.

To wit, there’s a reason he spends so much of his time behind the Gene Larew Biffle Bug.

A broad, slim body offers an ample profile, yet slips in and out of cover well; concentric rings along the body catch water and generate subtle vibrations and that cupped tail ensures constant action with a gliding motion on the fall.

“We spent a lot time getting that body (cavity) right,” Biffle said. “I told them I wanted it oval shaped, not round. That’s because I wanted to be able to put a rattle in there without it slipping out.”

Biffle’s design leverages the bait’s natural compression to hold a rattle more snug than a round cavity. Also well conceived is the bait’s nose, with the first 3/4 inch made solid for optimal hook support.

So, that’s the tool; now, how ‘bout the tactics?

Biffle’s namesake creature bait works well in pitching, flipping and swimming, but his signature technique is a simple cast-and-wind deal that makes the bait do what it’s made to do. (Notably, Biffle’s “Bug” tactics and tips also apply to a wide range of similar baits.)

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