Elite jig fanatics

Many Bassmaster Elite Series pros dote on jigs, but few are bigger jig fanatics than Pennsylvanian Dave Lefebre and Alabamian Matt Herren. Both anglers claim they fish a jig 50 percent of the time while competing in tournaments. Herren relies on a handful of jigs, while Lefebre’s jig arsenal is mind-boggling.

“I fish a hundred different jig combinations,” Lefebre said.

Build ‘em in the boat

Open the jig boxes in Herren’s boat and you’ll find un-skirted black, brown, green pumpkin and white jig heads in assorted weights. Three Santone jig styles cover the bases for Herren. They include the M Series Flipping Jig that Herren designed, the Pro Football Jig Head and the round Texas Finesse Jig Head.