Livesay’s sensational Semifinal Saturday

Take a look at Lee Livesay's incredible Day 3 of the 2022 Simms Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork!

Check out Lee Livesay's incredible semifinal Saturday at the 2022 Sims Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork.
Livesay entered day three in first place, looking to coninue his reign on his hometown lake.
Livesay began the day in one of his trusted spots. This area has been his first stop each morning of the tournament.
After a handful of casts and no luck, he decides to make a move.
A couple stops into the day and Livesay still has no fish. A little stressed, but he still has plenty of places to try.
Nonetheless, his hometown crowd of supporters are keeping spirits high.
Livesay continues to bounce around, still without any luck just yet.
Back to one of his trusted spots, and Livesay's day starts to turn around fast!
Halfway thru the day and Livesay has fish number one in the boat.
Currently dropping to seventh on BASStrakk, Livesay has some work to do.
A couple casts later, and an afteroon comeback is in the midst!
Fish number two is a stud and its in the boat.
Photo: Seigo Saito - A sea of cheers and boat horns echo as Livesay holds it up for the hometown crowd.
Back to business. Two fish down in this spot and three to go.
And it doesn't take him long to find another.
Another good fish in the boat as the "Marshal" begins to put on a clinic.
All smiles as he ramps back up the leaderboard.
With a crowd so pumped and a good fish in the boat, it's only proper to show that fish off a little.
Just. like. that. Number four is on the hook.
Horns and cheers are already blaring as Livesay pulls it in.
Not the biggest bass, but it counts!
Fist pump to his faithful crowd as the continue to cheer him on.
"Hook sets are free!" Is one of the many encouraging statements yelled across by Livesay's number one fan.
And you can't forget to represent that sponsor!
Number five is on the way to the boat!
And it's another good one.
In the boat it goes, and Lee Livesay is back on top!
Another hold up for the camera and crowd as the noise levels reach maximum volumes.
And of course, cameraman Jake Latendresse is as pumped as the rest of them.
And it's back in the water to search for upgrades.
Livesay can't help but laugh and smile as the energy level hits an all time high from the crowd. Especially with his "number one fan" kid shouting some encouragement.
And immediately, another fish is on the hook and Livesay has yet to leave this spot.
And it's in the boat!
After hammering that spot, it's time to head to the next.
Livesay does some searching around as his floatilla of fans follow close behind.
Livesay soon ends up settling in a spot and quickly hooks up.
And it's a giant!
And an eight pounder is in the boat!
And emotions hit an all day high!
Eight and some change, and Livesay is pulling away with the lead!
And this stud is over the the slot limit! So it goes in the livewell for a crowd debut at 3:00.
An incredible day. An emotional day. And three days in a row in the lead. Watch how it all unfolds tomorrow on championship Sunday of the 2022 Sims Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork