What we expected to see

So far this morning, nothing really surprising to report. We have six anglers on camera today: two former champions here in Greg Hackney and Jason Christie, Louisiana native Caleb Sumrall, Texas native Lee Livesay, Progressive AOY leader Brandon Cobb and Brock Mosley, who has made who has made back-to-back Championship Sunday cuts here. 

These pros have been doing a little bit of everything, pitching, flipping, throwing topwaters, winding vibrating jigs and we’ve even seen Cobb twitch an old school floating worm around. There have been a dozen or so fish catches on camera, but only a few of those have measured 12 inches or more to keep. Another three dozen or so have been reported on BassTrakk, the largest so far caught by leader Chad Pipkens . It weighed 2-06 and anchors his bag of four fish for 4 pounds, 15 ounces. 

Lots of fish catches this morning, but it is the grind we expected when looking for a big bite. When the Elites visited the Sabine in 2018, under the most similar conditions to this event, 15 pounds, 11 ounces across two days was good enough for $10,000. That’s about $637 per pound, making Sabine River bass more valuable per pound than blue fin tuna.  

A limit each day with a couple 2-pounders mixed in will likely be worth $10,000 again this week.