Mosley starting strong

After the first half hour on Day 2, Brock Mosley had 8 pounds in the boat. Yesterday, he had 10 by this time. These are phenomenal starts on the Sabine, and had a lot to do with the Collinsville, Mississippi pro holding the Day 2 and Day 3 lead. Thirty minutes in this morning, he has a limit again for 6 pounds, 4 ounces, maybe a little more. Not quite the electric start we’ve seen from Mosley most mornings this week, but every bite puts a good bit more pressure on the nine other anglers behind him.

As of now, no one is out of this one. Hunter Shryock started in 10th, less than 8 pounds back. If Shryock boats 15 pounds (Chad Pipkens had 14-7 on Day 1), he could still chase Mosley down. But every 2-pounder the leader can boat from this point forward will in effect eliminate an angler or two from having a chance to chase him down here, realistically.