Livesay slams the door

With just minutes remaining here on Championship Sunday, Lee Livesay just slammed the door with an 8- pound, 3- ounce Lake Fork giant. He just called up to 113-11 for 4 days, beating his winning weight of 112-5 from last year as well. Just icing on the cake.

According to Ken Duke: “Assuming Livesay hangs on to win, he will become: (a) 14th angler to win three or more Elite events (KVD won 10); (b) second youngest to reach three Elite wins (Palaniuk was youngest); (c) third earliest to reach three Elite wins — took him just 32 tournaments (McClelland did it in 23; KVD in 24); (d) fourth angler in history to win Elite events in three consecutive seasons (McClelland, Chris Lane, and KVD twice)”