Lester with the exclamation point

A couple of casts later Lester set the hook again.

OK, so it’s been my literal job this morning to try to keep this thing interesting. But what Brandon Lester just did is making my job extremely hard at this point.

Provided he doesn’t have boat trouble and makes it to weigh-in, Lester almost definitely just put the exclamation point on this one with a 6-pounder to cull up to an estimated 22-4 on the day.

You’d have had a hard time prior to this event finding an angler that could look you straight in the eye and tell you he expected it to take better than 20-pounds a day to win this week. Lester has done that and then some, likely with over 21-pounds a day at this point.

Cody Huff and Jacob Foutz have both put together respectable bags around 17 pounds here on the final day, but they’re both still over 8 pounds back of Lester unofficially, which shows just how impressive Lester’s week has been.