An eventful hour

Though the overall leading weight hasn’t changed since 8:39 this morning when Brock Mosley made his last cull, the last hour has been rather eventful. For starters, Chad Pipkens added his fifth keeper at 1:13 to move into a tie for the lead with Mosely, at 19-7. Keith Poche, Matty Wong, Caleb Sumrall, Wes Logan, Ray Hanselman Jr, Jake Whitaker, Bryan New and Jacob Powroznik have all either filled their limits or culled in the last hour as well. And that’s just looking at the top 15 anglers currently.

Jake Whittaker has had the best flurry, boating back-to-back 3-pounders in a matter of five minutes. Hanselman added a 2-11 and a 3-0 in the span of 17 minutes. Around the same time, Matty Wong boated a 2-3 and a 3-4 between 1:48 and 1:53 to rally into 6th with the second biggest bag of the day (12-0). Sumrall culled up with a 2-8 at 1:32 to amass the biggest bag we’ve seen so far on Day 2 (12-4). Just over an hour ago, 3 pounds, 3 ounces separated first from tenth. That gap has been narrowed to 1-12 since. The race is tightening up for sure.