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An awesome finish

We’ve had a couple of the tightest races of all time for the Progressive Angler of the Year and the Rookie of the Year. One was decided yesterday, the other will be decided today. And what better way to put an exclamation point on this incredibly competitive season than for the determination of the champion of the St Lawrence River Elite to come down to the last couple of casts.

Chris Johnston and Patrick Walters sit atop the BassTrakk leaderboard in a virtual tie, one ounce apart with close to 103 pounds each. This after Johnston boated a 5-6 just 3 minutes ago. These two anglers’ BassTrakk weights both eclipse Jay Przekurat’s record-setting-smallmouth performance last year here of 102 pounds, 9 ounces.

Get ready for an exciting weigh-in. This one is going to be epic in all directions. Shaye signing off one last time for the year. It’s been a fun one. Thanks for coming along for the ride.