The year of the fan: Toledo Bend this one is for you

“This song's for you…”

Dateline: T-Bend

“Who am I that I have to sing under an umbrella? These people are my fans, and if they can stand in the rain to hear me sing, I can stand in the rain.”
Bobby Darin

There is nothing as rare on Earth than that of the story of the common man.

History records volume.

History records those who shout the loudest. 

History records the bombs and the bullets, the screaming and the shouting, the movers and the movements.

Not so much the whispers of the common man.

We know of basically every note Mozart ever wrote down and played yet we know nothing of the person who tuned the piano he played on. 

I’m okay with history telling us about Wolfgang, me though I want to know who was the dude who got the notes to sound right.

Seems kind of important to me you know.

Trust me, if Mr. Watson was standing next to Mr. Bell, we would never of known he was there. Alex, yep, Watson, who?

And yet we are a nation built on the belief, the values, of the common man and woman.

We are here because in 1776 a cobbler put down the shoes being worked on and picked up a musket.

You should know that we in the biz of bringing you history as it happens get lazy and we basically just follow the noise.

We are moths to the floodlights. Our job is pre-light before we even get there.

I believe though that the story of the common man is worth more than the weight of the common man in gold.

Least to me, we owe what we do to you, the common man, the fan. 

There is no future for us if all the stadiums we play in, are empty. 

And how hard is it to find the common man, to find and talk with the fan? Not so much.