Why we fish: Legacy

“A legacy is not about what you did while you were there it is what happens when you are gone.”
Darrell Waltrip

It is profound, and it is simple, it is here where we make our stand.

It is the only place, we got.

Every moment of life that ever happened, does so here.

Every molecule of fresh air breathed, does so here. 

Every drop of water, every grain of sand, everyone you have ever loved or has loved you back … here. 

And yes, this is a story of our past, our present, our future, the gifts given to us and the gifts we will give to those who will never know our names.

What got us here, conservation five or six decades ago.

Conservation for today.

And finally, the gift of conservation we will pass on five or six decades from now.

The legacy of those anglers who came before us, and the legacy we will leave for those anglers who come after us.

Press, play.

“Pursue something so important that even if you fail, the world is better off with you having tried.”
Tim O’Reilly