Turkey, football and giving thanks

“I’m a thankful man for every turn…”

Dateline: Thanksgiving 2018

“What if, today, we were grateful for everything?”
Charlie Brown

Happy Thanksgiving all’ya.

If you are reading this on Thanksgiving I’m home with my family, my daughter Ashley, son Jimmy and his girlfriend, Chelsea, bb and Riley too. 

It is quite possible I’m asleep on the couch with a stain or two on my comfy shirt and pants, quite possible Riley is in the kitchen watching bb slice the turkey up to be stored and eaten for the next several days.

Very possible that at some moment of the day all of us looked around and were very thankful for the blessings in our lives of love and happiness, and I hope that you too had that happen to you today.

We here in the Barone pad wish you nothing but happiness, love and powerful stain removers for your clothes.

I got nothing here in this column that will make you cry, make you think, make you complain about me on boards, just got me some cool Thanksgiving stuff to make you smile. 

Smiles, even ever so slight ones, they are good things nowadays.