In praise of those on the bank

"It was two shades of brown and scratched up plastic…”

Dateline: Ross Barnett, the other side of the dam

“There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.”
~Washington Irving

There sits, peace.

Tranquility base, on Earth.

There sits, at its base level, our sport.

An angler, a fishing pole, a body of water, simplicity.

I worry, worry a bunch really, have we forgot about the simplicity of this sport, have we ramped it up too much, have we forgot about the precious moments?

Have we forgot about those on the bank?

Have we chosen speed, over solitude?

In praise of those on the bank, I suggest, ask of my bosses, ask of all those in the business, ask of them this: Let’s make time for those on the bank, for those on the dock, for all those around the pond out back.

Let’s take time to slow things down some. 

Back it up some.

Dangle our toes in the water.

Drink iced soda pop out of a glass bottle.

Peanut butter and jelly wrapped in wax paper.

And Gramps big weathered hand on our shoulder.

Make time for homage to those on the bank, and those who brought us there.

“…it held extra line, lures, hooks, and matches…”