Montgomery looking forward, not back

“You've gotta want it…" 

Dateline: Mille Lacs AOY gig

“Never look back, look through the front window not the rearview mirror.”
Andy Montgomery  

Welcome, to the Wild Card Game of B.A.S.S.

Since I’m almost at full Social Security age, I’m going to be bluntly honest with you, which is pretty much the definition of what a sports columnist should be, honest, opinionated and a trustee of the game.

I’m a game 7 fan, I’ll watch game 7 of ANYTHING, if chess has a game 7…I’d watch that (if it does I apologize for not knowing it does ).

I NEVER watch all-star games. 


I’m an “all in” kind of guy, I only have two speeds, stop & go.

All out, or nap time. And I make no apology for that. A fault I have is that I expect and accept no excuses from those not like me.

So why bother with “all-star” games, in truth game 7 is the best all star game around.

I also hate, HATE math.

No side of my brain does math. I need a tip app to figure 20 percent of $10, it’s that bad. In fact you start talking numbers to me I see it as a legit time to take a nap up there inside my no math side brain.

I can’t do NASCAR math.

I can’t do NHL plus or minus math.

Fantasy sports are a complete mystery.

As is the AOY point system, no offense to my thousand bosses and Elite anglers, but please just tell me if you won, or lost. Once again when you tell me, “I’m slipping in points…” I’m actually napping up top.

Thought you would like to know, will cut down on our conversation time.

Now I tell you this because in honest sports columnist class in “J” school it is mentioned some that you should let people know where you stand on things you have a stand on.

So here goes…I have no stand on this AOY gig, in fact, for the most part, I don’t underSTAND most of it.

It seems to me to be a math tournament.

We’ve got some slight math issues up top of the leaderboard between two friends of mine, Gerald Swindle and Keith Combs…one of them will be AOY when all is said and done…but don’t completely trust my mat. The other reporters out here do a great job covering the game day stuff so trust them on that more than me…we’ve got guys in the middle who tell me that no matter what the math says they will end up in the middle…and then we have several guys down at the bottom of the math equation where this gig means everything to them.

So, as normal I’m not looking up top for a story, nor the middle, I’m looking where the sweat and tears run down to…the low math dudes.

For them, this is a Wild Card Tourney…and that my friends…I underSTAND.

“…from the bottom of your heart…”

 “What makes something special is not just what you have to gain, but what you feel there is to lose.”
Andre Agassi

For me, the cool non-math thing about this gig is that I get the chance to sit down and talk with people I don’t normally get to spend time with. Last year it was the Lane brothers, Bobby and Chris, who to be honest I gave a wide berth for many years, but once I sat and had dinner with them, laughed and hugged with them, they have become close friends. I apologized in person to them and in public to you for ignoring them all those years.  Check it out: db: Bobby Lane

This year the apology goes out to Elite angler Andy Montgomery.  In my nine years covering the sport I have never written a word about him, in fact I had to dial up Bassmaster-dot-com to find out the correct spelling of his name.

And that is all my bad, none his.

So Andy, so Andy’s wife, Sharon, and to their 2-year-old daughter, Kinsley…I publicly apologize for missing out on knowing a dude who it turns out is a great family man, great competitor and all around nice guy.

I need to stop ignoring anglers, but frankly it makes this gig all the more special for me.

It seems for most of my readers you know exactly where/what you were doing in 1982…for Andy so does he: “I was born then.”

Yeah that always sets me back as well.