Getting hip with Mark Davis


James Overstreet
Mark Davis enters Bon Secours Wellness Arena on the final day of the GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK'S Sporting Goods.

 “As soon as I stepped on the Classic stage on Day 3, I kind of stumbled some getting out of my boat and my hip just blew up pain wise, I knew it was over this season.”

Elite Angler Mark Davis

Dateline: Mount Ida, Arkansas

In 1891, somewhere in Germany, Surgeon Themistokles Gluck performed the very first hip replacement, you know, sort of.

Back then Dr. Gluck took Ivory and fashioned it into the ball of the hip and then with screws, Plaster of Paris, and glue, stuck it in.

No word on how that worked out.

But trust me on this, TRUST ME, hip replacement surgery has come along way since 1891…I know, both of my hips have been replaced, and to be honest, they are the only thing in my body that doesn’t hurt.