db: 10,000 handshakes

Dateline: The Last 11 Years

“I love meeting new people; I think everyone has a story to tell. We should all listen sometimes.”
Kim Smith

Big or small, short or tall, wide or skinny, no matter what shade of us, no matter what creed or language, of all the living things on this planet, people are my favorite things.

Us humans, my favs.

Now I love dogs, Shih Tzu’s especially, cats, um, not so much, cool with birds especially parakeets and eagles, I’m a gold fish and 49-cent tropical fish loving kind of guy.

Love animals in general and if I had enough money, or lawyers, my career would have been going around the world and opening the cages and setting them free. 

Especially love us people who are stamped and filed as “low expectations,” and if I had enough money, or lawyers, I would open their cages and set them free as well.

I vote life, I vote happiness, I vote peace, understanding, and inclusion, I vote for the serfs and against the kings.

I vote for the kind in man, and I know it’s out there because over the last 11 years with B.A.S.S. I have stood in the registration line and met America and many other countries, up close and personal. 

That’s because in my time here in this gig, I have shaken 10,000 hands.

Ten thousand.