Blessed be the wilds


Don Barone

“Well you roll on roads over fresh green grass…”

Dateline: Inside the outside

"'There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.'”
Albert Einstein

Someday there will only be…inside.

We will have covered the place, enclosed all of it, in 3017 Earth will be floating in space in some sort of Ziploc bag.

That is, if we are still even here, and not out there somewhere in space suits, living under space bubbles and flying in cars while Rosie the Robot takes care of all things people once did.

To the Jetsons, or anyone else in 3017, we are the cavemen.

And they will be right because we, still, have caves.

And they will be right because we, still, can walk barefoot in grass.

And they will be right because we, still, have rivers, still have wind, still have rain. 

We still have the planet as God meant it to be.

Be of dirt and grass, bugs and birds, mountains and valleys, ponds, rivers and oceans.

Be of wild and wildlife, be of open spaces and smiling faces, mysterious and sometimes scary, wet and dry, hot and cold, tall and deep.

And he made just one blue rock in all of space, no matter how far we look out there into the darkness we never find a mirror, we never find anyone looking back, we never find anything just like us.

And there are stars like our sun all over the place but none of the rocks they light have grown into anything like us.

Blessed be the Earth.

Blessed be those people who take care of it.

Blessed be those animals that roam it.

Blessed be the wilds.

For it won’t be here forever.

“…and you make them long, and you make them tough…”

I’m a fan of Texas, and all those who take care of it, especially the dudes at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department…and I don’t even know them except one or two through facebook.

This Texas Fest gig is about helping them out, to be honest when B.A.S.S. starts talking “strategy,” “goals” and other corporate buzz words I pretty much zone out and go to my happy place that is a beach with my wife, wine and chicken wings.

My buddy and fellow writer, Craig Lamb, wrote a pretty cool piece that explains all the in’s and out’s of the shindig so I bow to him and his story, check it out if you want concrete details.  

But just to show you that I know where the number lock is on my keyboard, check this out, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department dudes (dudettes too) run some 90 plus parks, something like an unbelievable 4 1/2 million, dudes MILLION acres or 2.6 percent of Texas. 

And hey, the “Wildlife” part, where the deer and the antelope roam, if in fact the antelope have heard of and moved to Texas, the wild of Texas is something like 700,000 acres, which by the way is larger than the state of Rhode Island even when counting all the Dunkin Donut shops.

The other 4 1/2 million acres they oversee, that’s roughly the size of New Jersey. 

Yep, they got that gig too. 

“…but they just go on and on, and it seems that you can't get off…”

“Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.”
– Frank Herbert

In Craig’s story he talks about money raised through the tournament will go to “two of its core programs that promote fishing to youths and urban dwellers.”

I write this column as one of them, me, I’m an “urban dweller,” I’ll show you.

This is where I grew up for those wonder years of child-to-teen, right there where the Google Earth pointer thing says, 32 Victoria Blvd.