Recollections of Ray Scott's Presidents Lake


Gerald Crawford

Ken Cook fishes on President's Lake at Ray Scott's personal slice of heaven in Pintala, Ala.

When I learned this week that Ray Scott has sold his storied farm near Pintlala, Ala., the news brought back a flood of memories.

Soon after his Bass Anglers Sportsman Society — now simply B.A.S.S. — began to take off, Scott bought a large parcel of land just 20-minutes south of Montgomery. Anyone else would have been sold merely on the 16-acre lake off historic Federal Road that was teeming with bass.

Scott, however, had a grander vision of how he would use the property.

A few years after I joined the young B.A.S.S. operation, Scott hosted a company picnic on his property. While employees and their kids were playing games, eating and fishing the lake, he invited my wife, Linda, and me on a tour of the property. We climbed into his SUV, and he drove across the rolling hills as he revealed his vision for the land.

“I’ll build my big lake there,” he said, as he pointed to a low place in a field between stands of oaks and pines. “My house will be on that point, facing the main lake and the dam.” As he dreamed out loud, I could almost see the water filling the valleys and sloughs, and imagine the bass he would place there.

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