The Modern Fish Act needs your help

The Modern Fish Act Passes the U.S. Senate with a unanimous vote - but the work is not over...

While most bass anglers might not place much importance on a salt water fishery management bill, this one deserves your attention.  The Modern Fish Act is a major step in overhauling saltwater fishery management in Federal waters.  For the first time, it shows that Congress is paying attention to recreational fishing as an important component of the fishery and a valuable economic force.  This is a landmark piece of legislation that will have far-reaching implications.  It will certainly play in our favor when future legislation affecting freshwater fisheries comes up for consideration.  Congress will have a better understanding of the value of sport fishing and take the needs of sportsmen and women into consideration when making policy and funding decisions.  

 While the passing of the MFA by the U.S. Senate is great news, there's one more big step.  It must pass the House of Representatives.  With the session almost over, action must come immediately.  We need anglers to contact their U.S. Representative in Washington, DC or through their local offices in your state and ask him/her to support S.1520 - and have it added to the House Suspension Calendar for this Wednesday - that's today.   The Suspension Calendar is a list of bills that will be voted on under suspension of the rules, meaning through an expedited process, as long as there is no significant opposition, the bills pass as a package.   The direct ask to your Representative would be: “Please contact House leadership and ask that S.1520 be added to the Wednesday Suspension Calendar.”   

With a big push we can get this bill through both Houses of Congress and on to the President to sign into law.  Do it today! Find out more about how to contact your congressman here