Lake Pepin conservation plan developed


David Meixner

HAGER CITY, Wis. – An ambitious plan to restore a fishery on the Upper Mississippi River has been developed. But it will need the help of local bass clubs and other organizations, as well as municipalities and state agencies to succeed.

"This project is terribly needed," said Ken Snow, former conservation director for the Wisconsin B.A.S.S. Nation and now a Pierce County Board Supervisor. "The back channel and lakes down from Noreen's landing will be totally silted in within 10 years or so. That will leave us with very little winter habitat for bass, panfish and northern pike."

For decades, backwaters of Lake Pepin, a natural lake on the river above Lock and Dam 4, have been filling in with sediment from the Minnesota and St. Croix Rivers, upstream tributaries bordered by agricultural lands. Just above the lake, the recently constructed Trenton Island Boat Landing was named "Noreen Clough Memorial" in 2015, to honor the former B.A.S.S. national conservation director who died of cancer.