Jocumsens embrace trash cleanup


Courtesy of Carl Jocumsen

Carl Jocumsen had just finished a week of fishing, spending 15-hour practice days, and then going all out for the Berkley Bassmaster Elite at Lake Guntersville. After six days of grinding it out from sunup to sundown, you’d think sleeping in and relaxing was the plan for Championship Sunday.

That’s not Jocumsen’s style. Instead, Jocumsen and his wife, Kayla, got up early and went out to pick up trash around the lake. It wasn’t a spontaneous or one time idea. 

“Kayla and myself had been thinking about doing something to give back to the community that welcomed us to fish on their lake,” Carl said. “Wherever we are, during practice, I always fill my livewells with rubbish that I find floating in the water.” 

The idea to extend that to the shoreline came after Jocumsen observed the trash left behind by shoreline anglers. 

“It always bothered me to see so much rubbish around bridges, and there are many of those on Guntersville,” Carl said.

The Jocumsens set out with a load of trash bags to perform a good deed. They picked up trash on both sides of three bridges, collecting 10 full garbage bags during the three-hour outing.

“It was overwhelming how much trash was left behind,” Kayla said. “The reality of it all, and doing our part in a small way, left us feeling really good about the difference you can make.” 

The hard work didn’t go unnoticed by shoreline anglers encountered by the Jocumsens along the way.