Call-to-action: Wisconsin bass anglers and Conservation Congress hearings

Wisconsin residents can directly impact the policymaking of the Wisconsin DNR at the Conservation Congress spring hearings. There are two proposed rule changes of significant interest to bass anglers this year:

QUESTION 10: Bass - Establish alternate size and bag limits for permitted, catch-and-release bass fishing tournaments 

Voting yes on this question would allow bass fishing tournaments (after approval by a lakes biologist) to take place on all bodies of water in the state regardless of potential “trophy lake” status. 

QUESTION 11: Bass - Establish a statewide (including Michigan boundary waters), continuous open season for bass fishing but allow harvest only during the current traditional season. Voting yes would allow catch and release bass fishing year-round and eliminate Wisconsin’s closed season.  

Every county in the state will have a meeting on Monday, April 8, starting at 7 p.m. 

Wisconsin residents have three options for voting. The preferred method is to attend the meeting and vote in person. This enables a resident to vote for their specific Congress representatives and any initiatives proposed during the meeting. 

They can also stop by the meeting before it begins and get a number which can be used to vote online, ensuring that their vote will be counted in their county for the above questions, but not for Congressional representatives. 

Should a Wisconsin resident be unable to attend the meeting in any capacity, they have the option to go to and vote without a provided number. This option disqualifies their vote from being officially counted in their county, however it will be used in an advisory capacity and is a significant opportunity for those who may be unable to attend to still have a voice in the outcome of the meetings.