B.A.S.S. asks members to help save Rodman Reservoir

The future of Florida’s iconic Rodman Reservoir is on the line. The Reservoir has been on Bassmaster Magazine’s list of 100 Best Bass Lakes six times and is not only an incredible recreational asset but an economic driver for the entire region. Rodman is a natural environmental buffer that helps absorb excess nutrients that would otherwise be flowing into the St. Johns River causing harmful algal blooms and manatees migrate into the reservoir to feed on the abundant vegetation.

The St. Johns River Water Management District is conducting a survey and your feedback will help inform future key decisions regarding whether the government keeps the Kirkpatrick Dam and Rodman Reservoir or chooses to ruin a unique and valuable environmental asset. Removing the dam would likely cause increased nutrient loading and not greatly improve downstream flows. Plus, the cost to Florida taxpayers to restore the riverbed now covered by the reservoir would be enormous. 

B.A.S.S. members in Florida and those that visit the lake from other states are encouraged to answer the SJRWMD short survey by Friday, Oct. 22 and help save Rodman Reservoir.

The district wants to hear from local community members, businesses, fishermen, property owners, people who use the reservoir and other stakeholders about interests surrounding the dam's environmental and economic impact.

Please take a moment to help support the Kirkpatrick Dam and Rodman Reservoir, one of Florida’s premier trophy bass fisheries.