B.A.S.S. anglers need to act now

Legislation introduced in Washington State to form a Warm Water Fisheries Advisory Committee

Late last year, as a result of legislation aimed at protecting juvenile endangered salmon and Orcas (killer whales), the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) enacted regulations to liberalize limits on black bass and other warm water predators from many waters. A group of concerned and passionate bass anglers took up the fight and was successful in limiting the regulations to fewer waters, but there was still a sense that the agency was not fully following the guidance set forth in previous legislation designed to enhance warm water fisheries. The organization Save Washington State Bass Fishing began working behind the scenes on a legislative remedy. That work paid off and bills to establish a Warm Water Advisory Committee have been introduced in the legislature.

This is a critical first step in a long road to growing warm water fishing in Washington State. If passed, the Committee will work with WDFW to ensure they follow the Warm Water Enhancement Act, will work closely with the WDFW to grow warm water fishing opportunities across the state and may propose future legislation to grow the sport of bass fishing for the good of all.

Now these bills need public support to make sure the bills are passed and signed into law. Follow these instructions to urge your elected officials to support the bills in the House and Senate.

First: Find your legislator and email them in support of House Bill 2666 and Senate Bill 6450.

Click on https://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/ and enter your address. A list of your Washington State Representatives and Senator will be returned. Find your Representative and Senator. Then email them both. From the Member Email List page, click your legislator's name to go to their email form. Use the form to send messages asking them to support House Bill 2666 and Senate Bill 6450.

Second: Comment on the bill. Go to the following links to comment or use the call in number to voice your support.

Comment on House Bill 2666: https://app.leg.wa.gov/pbc/bill/2666.

Comment on Senate Bill 6450: https://app.leg.wa.gov/pbc/bill/6450.

Toll-free 800-562-6000. Leave a brief message for your legislators in support of HB 2666 and S 6450. Be prepared to give your name and address. These messages are forwarded electronically.

Read the bill in its entirety.