Things are looking up

So, after last year’s performance it looks like things are looking up. I didn’t get on the big ones in the 2018 Bass Pro Shops Eastern Open #1 at Kissimmee Chain, but I did figure them out a little bit and I fished clean. 

Basically I found a few areas that I thought had a chance to produce the winning weight, but it didn’t happen so I fished to do the best I could. I ended up 26 out of a field of more than 200. In past years I might have wished for more but as a start to the 2018 season I’ll take it. Overall it was a good event. 

And then we went on to the 2018 Bassmaster Elite at Lake Martin presented by Econo Lodge. 

What a wonderful place to hold a fishing tournament. The lake is absolutely gorgeous. It’s big with plenty of places to fish, and the spectators are great. They’re really enthusiastic but they never interfered with the competitors. I absolutely fell in love with the place. I hope B.A.S.S. sends us back there soon.

Again, just like at the Kissimmee Chain, I didn’t finish all that high, but I fished almost totally clean and at a competitive level. I came in 49th there. 

Both of these events have helped me keep a positive attitude. I try never to get down, but to tell you the truth years like 2017 can be frustrating. It’s not an ego thing with me so much as it’s a self-respect thing. I know I’m a better professional bass angler than my record showed last year. It’s no fun to disappoint yourself. 

But, like I’ve said before, we always have to keep things in perspective. My family’s good, and I’m good. There are worse things that could happen to a guy than not catching fish.

That is enough about me and my world, though. What about that Bobby? He wins the Open on the Kissimmee Chain and then turns around and finishes strong on Lake Martin. I know he was 66th but that was because of a couple of things that didn’t go his way. It could easily have been much higher.

I’m thinking he’s looking good going into the 2018 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods. I want to be careful here because I don’t want to violate the “no information” rule, but from where I sit his skill set matches up pretty well with what we expect to see when the action starts. 

There is nothing good about missing a Classic, but if I look at things from the glass is half-full point of view it’ll be that I can watch it all in real time — fish-by-fish — and cheer him on along with all the branches of the Lane family. Gosh, I would really like him to win it. Wouldn’t that be something?

That pretty much brings you up-to-date on what’s happening in my world. Stay positive anglers, and do your best when you’re out there fishing.