A solid Northern Swing

Editor's note: This year, the Johnston brothers will share a monthly column where both will offer insight and information on a variety of topics.

You both did really well on this year’s Northern Swing. Was there a particular highlight or low point during that stretch of events? 

Chris Johnston: Well, of course the win at the St. Lawrence was the highlight. But I was really disappointed to finish 30th at Champlain. I made some bad decisions in practice. I found one really good area in Ticonderoga, and I tried to expand on that, which left me short on practice time. There was a lot of good stuff that I didn’t get to check, so by the time I went to it in the tournament there were already other anglers there. 

Cory Johnston: There wasn’t really a highlight, more like disappointment. I know it sounds odd to say that when you make three Top 10s in a row, but I really was disappointed. That’s what happens when you come as close to winning as I did at St. Clair and it doesn’t happen. It would have been different if I’d just landed all of the fish I hooked on the last day. They were under a lot of pressure, and they didn’t bite as well. Some of them wouldn’t bite at all. I stayed there too long. I should have run to some new spots that weren’t getting as much pressure and that had the same quality.