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How to fish current

Kyle Welcher‘s ability to decode puzzling shallow-water currents has helped him qualify for his second consecutive Bassmaster Classic via the Elite Series. Since the Alabamian began fishing the Elites as...

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Fishing for fall schoolers

As topwater bites go, this one was just okay. Greg Hackney caught the 5-pounder, but minus the eye-widening, toe-clenching thrill that makes us throw surface baits. Don’t worry if you...

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Fall buzzbait fishing

A buzzbait is renowned for generating quality bites throughout the year. But as the nights get longer and fall weather sets in, the lure always has an increased presence in...

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Year-round jerkbaits

Throughout the winter and into the early spring, two time Academy Bassmaster Classic Champ Hank Cherry relies heavily on a jerkbait for all species of bass. Then, like most of...

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Fishing in the swamp

With Spanish moss dangling off an abundance of cypress trees, various types of vegetation and the potential to see turtles, gators and even sharks in some cases, swamps and marshes...

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Reading current to catch more bass

Whether it’s man-made or a natural flow, current plays key roles in positioning bass and stimulating feeding sprees. Bassmaster pros encounter various forms of current when fishing tidal rivers, major...

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Fishing in the drawdown

It’s the season figure slimming the nation’s reservoirs experience each year: the fall drawdown — a period when lake managers drop the water to winter pool in preparation for the...

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