A storied past in Rabbit Branch

Seems like I've been here before, this Rabbit Branch place.


It's highly likely that some of these very docks being picked apart today by David Kilgore are the same ones that I watched Denny Brauer pitch his jig at during a Bassmaster Classic. That was back in 1993 when I was a press observer riding along with Brauer.


It was quite a day. I don't think Brauer missed pitching a jig to any of these docks. He hit 'em all, best I can remember.


And we had 63 (yes, I counted them all) spectator boats following us.


Today this is a lonely place. We're watching folks have their morning coffee inside cabins along the lakeshore. Hopefully, their boat docks will give up some fish for our man David Kilgore. He wants this Classic berth in the worst way. Give it up boat docks!

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