Lane and Browning

I'm riding along with photographer James Overstreet (aka JO) and we've been cruising around the boat ramp/launch/weigh-in site. We've come up on Chris Lane. Now he's leaving. Says he's going on a 37-mile boat ride. We'll pass and look for someone else.


After a short run we've come up on Stephen Browning. From the leader to third place. Not bad.


Browning says the water dropped one foot overnight, an indicator of how today will likely shake out for adjustments.


He's got two in the box.


JO says that yesterday Browning asked him not to photograph his bait. Today it's full disclosure with his permission. He's throwing an Alabama Rig but with a different twist. Last night I wrote an article that he always looks for that something different to give him an edge in the Opens.


The something different here are smaller swimbaits. He's downsized. The rig appears much easier to control as A-rigs go. He's working the bait down a shoreline.


He's also eyeballing another boat on his spot from yesterday where he loaded the boat with the 16-pound limit. The other boat is camped out on Browning's spot.

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