It's all about the sun

We're learning more about what makes Kilgore's pattern click: It's all about the sun.


Yesterday the fish didn't turn on until 10 a.m. That's when the sun came out for the first time since Sunday and when he dialed into this pattern. Overhead and middle-of-the-day angle sun is best. The higher the better. That's because of the shade factor. The high sun creates more shadows on the walkways and other parts of the floating docks targeted by Kilgore. In turn, abundant shade positions the fish closer to the shady spots. Concentrated fish allow Kilgore to make more pinpoint casts with the umbrella rig. His bait lands more on target.


The shade also allows Kilgore to get closer to the fish. They're not so wary. We're seeing this happen now. Until now he's been making long casts. Fish are flashing at the bait but not really hitting it aggressively as they would a spinnerbait burned past them.


He's also got three good keepers in the livewell.

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