Howell attacking topwater

We've just pulled up on Randy Howell. He's across the lake from Browning. Howell is throwing a topwater, looks like a walking-type bait. Now we're talking.


Fish are blowing up on his bait. Swing and a miss.


Like I mentioned before. I'm no expert but these conditions seem to set up perfectly for a topwater bite. Overcast skies, calm water. Post-spawn scenario.


Howell is rotating through a set of shallow flats adjacent to spawning points. He thinks there are big fish roaming across the flats. He just can't seem to get a hook up.


Okay. Here's another full disclosure. Howell is throwing a Japanese topwater lure. He doesn't know it's name--it was given to him. It's a magnum sized chartreuse color walking bait. Makes a lot of commotion on the surface. And a lot of noise. We're 50 yards away and I can hear it.


That's probably a good idea. Now the wind has picked up and there's a slight chop on the water.

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