Holding pattern

Nothing new to report from the David Kilgore camp. We've chosen to stay with him because he's one fish shy of a limit. The way it works with James Overstreet -- and he's the best of the best -- is to keep with a potential winner instead of running around all over the place and gambling on what other leaders might have in the box. More times than not, you leave a guy like this and he catches the kicker needed for the win. I can respect that approach, for sure.


Kilgore is now running more to his key areas. No surprise what those are. Docks. He's very near the launch site, matter of fact. And he's targeting all largemouth at this point. With the chatterbait.


Our guess is he'll stay with this pattern until it's time to bring it home.


One changed we have noticed. The water looks like it's come up a foot, maybe more. What a crazy week for water fluctuations.

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