First take

Full Box for Bianchi
Things have happened quickly for leader Jim Bianchi. He's already got a limit in the boat and the first two fish came on board at 6 a.m., just 15 minutes after takeoff. The sun has just come into full view. 
He's pitching grass in 10 feet of water. 
Yesterday Pete Robbins wrote in his gamer article for that Bianchi "sat and ate sandwiches for most of the day." He called them "gas station specials." Those were egg salad and chicken salad. I'm from the South and thought up could do better up here. As in go to a New York deli and get pastrami, liverwurst, and whatever else. But not egg salad. 
First Take: Final Day
The mood is much more relaxed at the takeoff than previous mornings. That’s likely because only 12 boats will be competing for the prime spots today on Oneida Lake. 
The weather is calm too. It's a beautiful morning with the air crisp and the wind calm. That's supposed to change later when the wind kicks up to 15+ miles out of the southwest. 
I talked to Jamey Caldwell. He's a newcomer to Oneida but really excited about his chances. He tipped me off about the computer research that went into his pre-tournament strategy. He'd never been here before since arriving last Saturday. He talked about an elaborate setup of computers, large-screen monitors and mapping software that he used to compile his game plan. I'll talk to him again at weigh-in.

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