Butcher with a limit

Terry Butcher might have a leg up on the competition. Instead of wasting time with a long run and locking through to the next pool he's opted to stay near the takeoff site. In fact, he's directly across the river from Three Forks Harbor where the boat ramp is located.
Time could be a big factor today. This could be a wise move considering the competition for water has diminished to only 12 boats.
The decision has already paid off. Butcher has a limit weighing 10 pounds.
He's fishing a series of submersed rock piles and a diversion jetty extending into the channel.
He's using a classic lineup of river lures. They are a spinnerbait, buzz bait, shakey head rig and a jig. He's rotating through the selection of lures based on the targets in casting distance.
Meanwhile, you've already seen the photo of Chris Jones. He's broken down. So this puts Butcher in position to move up the scoreboard.

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