Here we go again

Most of the pros have launched their boats. They'll be off and running in about 10 minutes.

This should be an intriguing tournament. There has never been a BASS tournament out of Waddington, NY before, so no one has a home field advantage.


The water here is so clear that some of the pros are telling me that the most productive depth for smallies is 40 to 60 feet. I was told that one of the pros caught a few bass 90 feet deep. Seriously?


I've yet to talk to a pro who believes this event can be won with largemouth bass, not even Ish Monroe, who likes nothing better than catching green bass in 12 inches of water.


However, quality largemouths do swim in these waters. Surely, some of the pros will go for them.


The pros believe that some limits of smallmouth bass will exceed 20 pounds. Should be fun.

I've heard through the grapevine that Brandon Palaniuk is making a long run to another planet for his fish. I think it's Saturn.


I hear the National Anthem. Time for hats off.