Zaldain's lure lineup

This morning myself and Andy Crawford helped Chris Zaldain change out a trolling motor cable at the boat ramp. When we finished, Zaldain brought out his lure lineup, and one lure in particular stands out. Here’s the lure lineup and that special bait. 

He is primarily fishing windblown pockets and points in 3 feet or less with a Megabass 3-inch neon pepper Spark Shad. “It matched the smaller size of the shad.” 

Here’s the cool part. He rigs it to a 1/8-ounce Megabass Okashira Screw Head, featuring two propellers that provide vibration and lift to the bait. 

“It was important when fishing in that shallow water, to keep the lure off the bottom and in the strike zone.” 

So what that means is the lure stays just off the bottom, which is otherwise difficult to do in just a few feet of water. 
He is also using a Megabass 6-inch albino Magdraft Swimbait. Added on Champoinship Sunday is a 3/8-ounce Santone Lures Wobble Hog, with 4.25-inch Gene Larew Biffle Bug, fished in deeper water. The thing about that rig is Zaldain has only one of the wobble heads in his boat.
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