Zaldain upgrading

BASSTrakk shows Chris Zaldain back in the lead. He told me this morning that he needed at least a five-pounder to offset the base weight of his previous days’ limits filled with bass in the 2- 3-pound range. He has not only one, but two, of those five pounders. In his livewell beginning with the earliest fish caught, are largemouth weighing 4-0, 3-8, 5-0, 5-1 and 4-0, for a total of 21-9.

With the offshore bite beginning to heat up—and more fish movement—he stands to break the heaviest weight for a limit caught in the tournament.

While his per-fish weight is going up, Matt Arey’s is staying consistent in that 2- 3-pound range. Meanwhile, Matt Herren has moved from his go-to grass beds to boat docks.