Zaldain chasing birds early

Chris Zaldain has started every morning this week chasing birds on a large flat.

These birds are diving on the alewife spawn and under that spawn has been some big smallmouth. The first two days with clouds galore it was like a rodeo watching him run too and fro.

The last two, including today, there’s been a little running around but the sun has stunted the bird activity.

Zaldain would see where the birds were diving, get there as fast as he could and throw a big flutter spoon in the mix. It produced enough bites to put him in position in today’s final. Once those flurries were over he settles in and works a rocky ridge on the edge of the flat.

In both cases 4-pound class fish have been regular takers. At the moment he’s settled into his rock ridge. But that could all change if a flock of birds start diving within sight.