Wrapping up a few thoughts

Wrapping up a few thoughts before slipping out to the weigh-in area.

_ Our top 10 has four previous collegiate anglers, two Canadians and only one Texan. No one could have ever predicted that.

_ Bill Lowen has made his second appearance in the top 10 of the Toyota Tundra Big Bass list for the day. He caught a 7-4 about half an hour ago. That one marries up well with the 7-1 caught earlier.

_ Brandon Card is just 12 ounces behind Brandon Cobb. On the Live segment the judge called out the weight at 6-15. But BassTrakk was entered at 6-13. Once the judge and Card get in the weight could rise by ounces.

_ After Day 2, the difference between 1st and 2nd place was 9 pounds. After today it could be in the ounces.

_ While a lot of talk has been made on the off-shore bite. We are now seeing our leader, Cobb sitting on a bedding fish.

Cobb’s smallest is 3-1, so I’m sure it could help his overall weight. Regardless, it’s interesting to see so many different tactics and techniques working and producing big weights at this derby.

_ While most folks are watching the top of the leaderboard. The race to get in the top 10 is interesting. Lots of things will happen between now and the end of the day to impact who gets in and who doesn’t. It bears watching this last hour of the day.